Who we are, What we do, and Why we do it.


The A-1 LED Team

The entire A-1 LED team of energy reduction specialists, managers, administrative staff, electricians, and team members all love saving people money and are passionate about making a positive impact on the environment.

Our company's core values are not just words that are simply linked together on a page that sound good. They are not even words for our A-1 LED team to merely memorize. Our core values have a purpose; They act as the standard that ever single A-1 LED team member will be held to. A filter to help improve the quality of our company's culture. Above all else, these core values what we live by as the A-1 LED team. It's also what we stand for as individuals.

Our core values are:

  • Honesty & Integrity
  • Going Above & Beyond Expectations
  • Humility & Respect
  • Teamwork

What We Do

It is the mission of A-1 LED to help government, large and small businesses, and individuals lower the cost of their electric bill every month. While saving carbon emissions from entering the earth's atmosphere. We do this through our trade ally services, as well as offering a wide range of LED products and technical lighting expertise to serve our customer's lighting needs.

Why We Do It

Our vision is to light the way to a brighter future with less pollution, fewer emissions, and to see more of America's businesses improve their bottom line through lower energy costs. All the while, vastly improving their work environment through improved lighting.

We have saved our customers over $10 million on their electric bills. The impact we are making on individual businesses and communities alike is what drives us and keeps us motivated day after day.


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